Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 4

I thought that we were supposed to have an early spring, what is up with all this snow and cold weather?!?!
I mean seriously, a groundhog telling you when spring is coming.....

I will never trust the groundhog again!! (If I offend anyone with the photo, I am sorry). But I am so sick of winter, the snow and the cold!!!! Im sick of not always being able to drive somewhere because of the bad road conditions...... Sick of stupid drivers, especially in the winter time!!  I listened to a song that gave me a pickup! :o)


Before I go on to my earrings, I want to take a few minutes to mention a new idea I have, another bit to add into this journey. You can have part in helping me get to my goal too! If you want to help me you can! What would help me?? By sending my supplies for making the earrings.
Now I dont want you to get the wrong idea or anything, because I am not asking for free handouts. I know a lot of my  follower's will be other artist's and jewlery makers, so sometimes you have a little of something left over or you just want to have part in my journey to help get to the end goal of this blog! 
A perk of this is, when I use what you've sent me, I will write a thankyou to you on that day's blog and if you have your own home buisness I will write up about it and put your info/blog on the side bar! So a little bit of exposure for everyone from time to time helps out! I will keep an eye on comment on the blog and on my facebook to make sure I don't miss anyone's offer to help or any questions!


With that being said here are today's earrings!!!
Silver plated earrings (lead and nickel free); Silver chain; black glass pearls and black faceted glass beads.

I hope that everyone has had a great day :o)  Please keep the comments/feedback going!! Thankyou everyone!


  1. Now those are some FUNKY earrings!!! LOVE them!! Very unique.

  2. I like these! A lot! The color is versatile to go with anything you wear.