Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days to get caught up!

Schools going to be back in sesion for my daughter soon- Im not sure who's more excited, me or her! haha If we were in Alberta still, she would have started a few days ago! Summer is fun, but it can get boring after a while..... Yes, I am saying it can get boring! lol

So Yesterday I did a lot of wirework earrings, and I hope that they spark some interest! There are cone shaped ones, that I am going to do more of, just different colors of wire and fasceted beads inside of it. If you like them then let me know- I will do the color of wire and bead you ask for and do the same kind of design with the cone and beads inside it (I will add it tomorrow's day).

Here we go, a week to catch up with!
Day 169
Gold plated earrings (nickel free); red wire; inside a glass bead multicolored

Day 170
Gold plated earrings (nickel free);  purple wire shaped into flowers

Day 171
Gold earrings (nickel free); green acrylic beads; gold confetti circles
Day 172
Silver earrings (nickel free); silver plated head pins; glass pearl beads

Day 173
Silver plated earrings (nickel free); Silver plated head pins; Glass beads; Purple & pink softwater pearls
Day 174
Silver plated earrings (nickel free); gunmetal black eye pins; Silver metal ball; glass bead.

Day 175
Silver plated earrnigs (nickel free); Silver metal filagrea flower.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have been husy today catching myself up as much as I can! I have made new earrings and have been doing LOTS of wire work! I can't wait to get back to normal days when Kira is in school, it's so much easier to attempt things I want to get done in a larger time frame! Plus she is already bored since a lot of her friends are away and busy :(  I can't wait to upload the photo's and edit them. I'll prbbly do it late tonight!

I hope that everyone's week has been going great! C Ya Soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 167 & 168

I've been really busy this week helping my husband work. He is repairing a boat trailer's axels....a bigger job than what was first thought! I'm detailing the trailer...okay, I'm just painting it- but still! lol It will finally be done tomorrow, yay!  Tonight I am catching up on some house work and laundry, then going to bed-- as I am very tired and sore tonight!

Day 167

Day 168

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 165 & 166

Another wild hot day here in BC! Today we went to Fields and all the summer items are half price, so my daughter picked out some items and one of them was a pool. It's a decent sized pool though! I can sit in it and it's chest deep....and just over 6feet long! So we stuck it on one of our back decks and filled er' up! My daughter is nine, but she is loving it...It was definately a good buy for only $15.00! 

Today I wanted to make some jewelry but never got around to it yet, as I was helping my husband fix up a boat trailor. It definately looked easier to me than I thought it But yesterday he was out too long and got heat/sun stroke- today he's just ILL! Poor guy!

Well here we go for yesterday and today's earrings.

Day 165
Gold earrings (nickel free) with gold plated jump rings formed into a chain

Day  166
Gold earrings (nickel free) with gold plated jump rings