Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 153 & 154

Tomorrow I will be going to GF. to the market to sell :o)  Crossing my fingers for a good day!

Day 153

Day 154
These will be a  suprise set of earrings (that you choose the color(s) you want)!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 152

I've been slacking too much on my post's, I didn't think I would find it more difficult during the summer months.... Especially when I'm not going away on vacation anywhere....So much for that!  Tonight at midnight if you are interested in a pair of earrings from batch 5 you can comment under the photo so I know it's taken (doesn't matter what you type just as long as it's obvious that you are purchasing those pair of earrings)!

Another quick note here- Since no one made any purchases from Batch 4 online, there will be no giveaway on the bracelet/earrings set. instead I will sell it like the earrings, and just add the money to the rest being raised!  So if you are interested let me know please, I'll sell the set for a donation price (you price as you see fit) + shipping ($6.00).Here's a photo reminder of the set.

Day 152
Silver plated earrings; Orange glass teardrop beads (with a clear crescent on the bottom) very unique!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Days 147 thru to 151

Sorry for not keeping up this last week, I found myself very busy preparing for the weekend. I ended up doing two different events this weekend, and had a great success, with both my personal jewelry business and EAD! Thankyou for everyone's support thus far on my journey. <3

Let's get to it, shall we!?

Day 147
Silver plated earrings; Glass lime green beads; blue crystal glass beads

Day 148
Silver plated earrings; gold/clear faceted glass beads; Silver metal cubes; silver glass bicone bead.

Day 149
Silver plated earrings; Light blue glass bead encased in a silver drop flower

Day 150
Smaller version of photo uptop, but inside is a blue glass pearl bead. 

Day 151
Surgical steel wire earring hooks; silver metal spacers; Purple sodalite beads

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 145 & 146

A few crazy thunderstorms here this way, but today was a nice day! It was sunny but later on it got quite warm! Earlier this week I took my daughter and nephew to a art class thing, and I think they had fun :) They were doing glass mosiacs, got to learn how to cut the glass and such. Next week I'm going to do a class with my daughter, which I am excited about! It's good that in such a small community that they are putting together all these things for the younger kids to do!

Day 145
gold earrings (nickel free); clear/gold faceted glass beads; gold metal beads

Day 146
Silver earrings (nickel free); Light blue glass beads.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 142-144

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I went out of town Saturday for a family wedding, and came back yesterday afternoon. I was planning on doing my blog from where I was staying but I couldn't remember my account I figured I'd do it when I got home. Then I got busy cleaning and doing laundry- so now here I am!

It's 5 am, I've had a terrible sleep, I was going to shower to see if that would help- then couldn't because we had a thunder storm. It was insaine! Lightning seemed like it was right here, thunder was crazy loud and at one point it just started to pour like crazy! So I thought it passed by, but it seems like there's a little more to come around! That's one thing about living in the mountains, is when it thunders- IT THUNDERS! (My chair just vibrated from the thunder) If I had my camera I'd video tape this storm, just to show everyone how loud it is.
  I am suprised my daughter hasn't woken up from it, she sure must be tired! I sure hope it does stop in a couple of hours, Kira's first day of soccer camp is today !

                   On to the fun stuff!

Day 142
Silver earrings (nickel free); silver plated chain; glass faceted bead; metal star shape

Day 143
Silver plated earrings (nickel free); Glass bead (odd shaped, almost like a faceted triangle) very unique!

Day 144
Gold earrings (nickel free); Light blue glass bead; gold metal beads.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've not done any giveaways this month yet. That is mostly due to my sales (I've had none so far).  My monthly goal is to try to sell at least half of the earrings, or as close as I can (what I don't sell I take with me to farmers market to try there). So I've decided that for the remaining time (till the 26th), I am going to sell the earrings like this ---> Purchase 2 pairs of earrings for $18.00 and get a third pair of earrings free! (The price includes shipping). So if you want to purchase earrings under this pricing, go to the photo album and leave your paypal email under the three photo's that you want! If you see someone's paypal under the photo, then those earrings are spoken for!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 140 &141

This week I've been child free and have found myself taking pleasure in doing absolutely NOTHING! Well except some cleaning here and there, but otherwise I've just been relaxing! Though at times I sit here and miss having someone bugging me! lol

Day 140
Silver earrings (nickel free); Glass beads; gold  metal ball.

Day 141
Silver earrings (nickel free); purple acrylic faceted beads; silver metal star hanging under it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 138 & 139

So I've been working the last few days on earrings....I worked ahead with the earrings about 10 days ahead... that way I can give the camera back to the owner (BTW Thanks Mom!) lol Im sure she'd like to get pictures of the grandkids while they are visiting her.  Now I have everything ready to go....I just have to go through and edit the photo's right now, then I'll add them to here.

This month I haven't had any sales yet, but hopefully I will this weekend, I'll be taking them to the market with me and hopefully sell a few of them!
Day 138 <3
Wood colored beads; 1 Purple glass bead as accent; silver earrings (nickel free)

Day 139
Red glass drop beads; silver bead cap on bottom; silver earrings (nickel free)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 136 & 137

I could have sworn I blogged yesterday, but apparently not! Yeesh- what is up with my brain these days?!

Day 136

Day 137

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 135

Well today is a day for relaxing for me, though Kira doesn't like that. She'd of course rather go out to the beach but Going in the sun every day here isn't that great for her...sensative skin mean that she can't enjoy the summer heat as much as others. She's just getting over her heat rash on her arms and legs, just like when she was a baby.

Well here's today's earrings <3

Day 135
Silver earrings (nickel free); green disk shaped wood beads; orange catseye glass bead

Saturday, July 9, 2011

day 134

Another hot day is upon us! Sucks that I am sick though. But it seems like everyone else is enjoying their day :o)

Today's Earrings <3

Day 134
Silver earrings (nickel free); purple glass beads; Pink wood beads

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 131, 132 & 133

Well I thought I posted my blog yesterday but after receiving word.....I saw that it didn't post (and of course I wasn't on all day today to see) I just am integrating them now! Sorry about that!

I was just editing the new photo's that I took today....and I was laughing at how my process is during editing. It's like being at the eye doctor! lol I edit and have a few photo's of everything I make....then I go back and forth "is A better....Or B..?"  I do that till I end up with what I think is the best photo I have of the bunch!

My current inspiration.....

Day 131
all earrings are silver (nickel free)

Day 132

Day 133

Don't forget that there are earrings still to be purchased! Order's have all gone out YaY!  Tomorrow I will be throwing up some random deals on earrings to try to get some sales- hopefully I'll have some luck! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 129 & 130

Well I must have been tired, cause last night while putting order's together I fell asleep! lol Let's just say I'm a little sore :oP  As for an issue that has come up for me is my computer has a few programs that are frozen so to speak.....I've lost data on these programs and cannot finish my orders properly :o(  I think it's to wipe out my computer and start it out fresh....or maybe just get a new computer!

So anyone who's waiting for  orders to come via mail, I need a super HUGE favor from you all... I need an email with your name, mailing addy and what item(s) is yours. You can use the contact tab on EAD FB page, or just email me at . This will be a long few days, I can already tell!  I appreciate this very much everyone!

Day 129

Day 130

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 126, 127 & 128

I thought last night that I was just ending my cold and feeling better, but through the night I came to realize that was not the case!!! Ugh....seems like this one will drag on for a few more days!! I was going to write my blog last night had it all ready to start and then my daughter wanted to watch a movie with me. So instead of watching a movie, I fell asleep! lol

Day 126

Day 127

Day 128

Remember that Batch 4 is on sale right now- the sooner i can sell half of them (or really close) the sooner I can get to giving away the rest of them!!!
Hope that you all had a great long weekend <3