Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 12

Have you noticed how in the last few years, when our children (even ourselves) get sick- it never ends??? Or you get sick more often??  The other thing that I've also noticed is that not all prescribed medicines are helping- The natural items, or items we have in the kitchen work way better (well I've found it to be this way for myself)!  Do you have any home remedies that have worked for you?? (please do share) :o)

What made me being sick even worse- The dog broke her collar and got of her leash! As usual there's no point running after her! I mean a Pom-Chi that runs super fast, and is small = uncatchable!  Picture a larger sized person trying to catch a little fast dog - Come on I know you're laughing!  I've learned that there's no point even trying to catch her. So I went inside and left the screen door open a bit and eventually...actually about 40 minutes later she decided to come back inside!    I will stand by my words- Having a baby is much easier than having a puppy! lol

             Day 12

Today's Earrings <3
Earrings are nickel & lead free; Blue Glass Bicone Beads (2 diff sizes); 21gauge silver wire.


  1. I'm not a blue person, but those are a pretty shade. They're also a unique shape!

    And yes the natural stuff doers work better because our bodies know how to use it! I usually ask at the Natural Foods store by us what to use for the symptoms. My favorite is "Silver Biotics" It helps with a lot of things and I have a bottle in the house.

  2. Very beautiful!