Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 31

I am happy to say I've made a few sales, still waiting to hear back from a few people to see which one's they want- A friend of mine gave me the idea of putting some pairs of earrings up on Etsy, so I think I just may do that!

Slowly people are coming to the FB page for the blog, that makes me happy to see! This way I can keep my jewelry business seperate from this! <3


I forgot what it's like to be alone in my own home! It is so's almost eerie!  I find that I look forward to having time to myself, but then when I am finally alone for a few days I dont know what to do with myself! haha I could do so much, and the idea's run through my head- but it always ends up that I do nothing....cause I can!  The other weird part is when no one is here, I dont really care to watch any why is that?!??!

Saturday when Kira was getting some of her stuff ready to go, she asked if she could use my ipod- I said she could....While waiting for her grandparents to come, she was sitting a listening to the music, after a few minutes she comes into the kitchen and tell's me she cant find a song she is looking for. I then told her I dont have it....

Kira replies "well can you dl it on the computer, and then put it on here before I go?" I then had to tell her that I dont dl music on the computer at home- I dont have what I need to do it on this computer (and usually I just sync my ipod with my friends/family- lol) ...So she's give's me this look- and said to me "Well what's the point of having an ipod then!?" ROFL  Yep, she is growing up! The song she was looking for- one of her favorites right now- (the video ...well it's weird- but yea)


                    DAY 31

Today's Earrings <3

Silver Earrings (LF/NF); Two Large Flower charms!   Time for summer to get moving!

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