Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 29

Wow! One whole month-One whole batch done!! First.......

Today's Earrings <3
Silver earrings (LF/NF); Square beads.


Here is a photo of the first batch of earrigns <3

This is how I am doing the first batch (hopefully everything will work out smoothly)!

At some point tonight, I  will put a status update on my Facebook Page  SUMTHING PURDY FB PAGE  The first 15 people to comment on the photo will be the people who are purchasing the earrings they want, for a price of $10.00 a pair. 

After the first half are sold, I then will be giving away the rest of the earrings, with the option of a donation.

The goal for me is after a few months to have more followers and people involved with my blog! I want to be able to choose winners from my blog followers only! So the first few earrings that are being given away in the first two batches will be given to my blog followers! So far the odds are looking good for my current followers! lol So make sure to follow the blog and share with others!!!

Do not forget to vote for your choice of a charity ( I can't remember but I think you can vote daily) if that's not the case, then make sure you at least get your one vote in!

I am very excited! Thankyou everyone :o)


  1. Oooo... so many choices <3
    I've got it narrowed down to 2!
    I leaning between days 7 & 26 for some reason.

  2. day 5 and eight for me love those!

  3. Remember if you want to get a certain pair of earrings that you like, your best bet is to purchase them! Make sure if you are interested you post under my comment on my FB page- so far there are two ppl who've left comments. (if I dont get enough ppl then I'll let ppl purchase more than one pair- which is what it's looking like right now)!

  4. you can only vote once. :( and I hope u get alot of money. One day I WILL get to buy some:)