Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 3

Well here I am again! Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere lol :o)

I had a million idea's run through my as to what I whanted to do for todays earrings. You know, with all that time I had to think about it, I still couldn't come up with a single Idea. The other thing I started to think about was, "What am I going to write about?"....and you know what, I'm just winging it! lol

So I sat at the table and just started to look at what I had in front of me, and a few idea's started to roll around in my head. Then I saw a particular item that I have been dying to use, and then it hit me- I knew what I wanted to do!

I dont have much to say for them, except that I love them and wish I could wear long dangly earrings! Besides it's also my favorite color!
Here are three photo's of today's earrings <3
Silver plated earrings (lead and nickel free); 21 gauge silver plated wire; purple chained gems,

What do you think of today's earrings?? Feel free to leave your feedback.


  1. I love love love these

  2. its my favorite color too. I have a short neck and can't wear a really long dangly earring. Is that what you usually do when you don't have any specific in mind. I have been clipping out pics from

  3. WOW!! When an idea hits you it really hits you!!! These are gorgeous!!!

  4. Im not sure if bloggers post a reply on their thread or not- but I will. lol Thankyou ladies for the comments!
    Sometimes it's like being a writer- you can get blocked for a bit, hit a wall(though it doesn't last as long) When I dont have something in mind, I sit and look at all that I have, since I have a lot! lol

  5. Nice job hun!!! Very pretty... now only if they were ;0)

  6. Now those are really cooool! Like them!