Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 18

I want to start today quickly by saying thankyou to my neice Lily <3 Thankyou for your comment on my blog! Miss you Lots!

 Today before I post my earrings, I have recieved my first item in the mail that will help me make my earrings! Thankyou Melissa, for wanting to help me in my journey! Thank-you for the card!

Melissa of Moma Luna's is a happily married mother of one daughter, Hannnah (She is the cutest little thing! I am love with her purple glasses <3 ). Her most favorite thing to do is to paint & color with her daughter. Aside from spending time with her family & friends,  she enjoys pendant making, knitting and photography,

   Lets do some window shopping!

Melissa's pendants have a life of their own, with absolutely gorgeous colors!
One of pefsonal favorites is the Love pendant <3

There's even something for those Twilight Fans!

Go and visit her Etsy shop and see the great selection of Pendants she has! You'll surely find something you like there for yourself or someone else, best of all she has reasonable prices!

Links to Mama Luna's;
Mama Luna's Etsy Shop
Mama Luna's Website
Moma Luna's at Art Fire

 Thank- again Melissa for donating those hoops, I will surely use them for this journey!

        DAY 18

Today's Earrings <3
Silver plated earrings (LF/NF); Silver wire hoops;  chocolate Czech Fire polished Glass Faceted Round beads; Purple fresh water pearls.

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  1. These are beautiful Steph..They would look good with almost everything you wear.

  2. I love them! Congrats on another beautiful pair of earrings!

  3. love them!

  4. My screen must be off! They look pink to me....Chocolate and pink, sounds like something sweet! Like them :)

  5. Kath I ordered pink and purple, and these were the purple! lol