Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 7

You know, today I was out with my hubby driving on backroads and he plainly asked me, "You really don't like this do you?". I couldn't believe it, he finally gets it! LOL  He then wanted to understand why, I wasn't too sure how to answer him.  I went on to explain that first my anxiety is the main thing, but I dont like how anything can go wrong in the middle of no where and that I just dont like taking chances anymore,

Then I got thinking......
Seriously! I used to be more carefree, adventurous and liked to have fun!  Where'd that part of me go? Life get's so serious as we grow up, and I find that I dont enjoy life as much as I should. There's no time to joke around about things, and there's no time to fool around and take it easy..... I dont know about everyone else but I need to lighten up!  It is crazy how when we grow up we lose a part of us....I want that part to come back to me!  I will do something in the next few days that will brighten my day and get a piece of me back. What about you, what will you do?

                              DAY 7
Today's Earrings <3    Green Glass beads, and Dark blue fancy metal tubes, earrings are nickel free (gunmetal black).

Some of you haven't put your vote in for the charity of your choice, the poll is on the right side of the the page and if you want more info on the charities you have to scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you'll see on the left!


  1. those are very unique and wierd looking in a good way! lol

  2. Whoa Here Girl, Who doesn't have fun as an Adult. The only p;ace i stress out is driving in the big city. Or at night! Your talking to someone whose drove in a snowstrom and didn't get stuck till I got 6 ft from the house door. (I should have never tried backing the car to the door!lol) Oh and I had 3 kids and the dog in the car with me! Ok i was in my 30's then.
    I do like the green color.

  3. hahaha! Kath you are too funny! You sound like my hubby....Maybe it's just me then that feels that way!? lol