Sunday, March 6, 2011

day 9

The weekend is done :o(  I remember I used to always look forward to the weekends, but sometimes I look forward to the week days! 

Today I have to be honest and say I dont have anything to write! I'm sure I could go on about something but you'd just be bored! As it is I try to keep what I write to be short, and have photo's for everyone. It's 8pm and I'm already thinking about going to bed, of course it doesn't help that I have a migraine and looking at the computer is making it that much worse!

        DAY 9
Today's Earrings <3
Earrings are lead and nickel free; glass beads and metal findings.

Simply Simple <3

 Make a comment and tell me what color you'd like to see in a pair of earrings!!


  1. these are the best ones by far...\they are just as beautiful as you girlie!

  2. lovin thses.....can i buy thses now...really...sold.....get ahold of me kay....

  3. These are NOT simple~!~~ These are VERY pretty. I left u a comment on facebook. It will help ur headache>!

  4. I like the findings you used. It gives them a higher quality look.