Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 6

It's been a pretty quiet day in my house today. My daughter is away for the weekend (Her weekend starts on Friday cause they have three day weekends here). She is at her grandparents house and was very excited to go and see them!

She already called me and said "Mom you have to hear this ringer grandma has. It is so funny!" This is what she showed me....   Jeff Oneil Show Ringer   (<---click his name as it's the link). She thought it was the funniest thing ever!
I am happy she gets to spend time with my parents :o)
I want to say that I am thankful for all who've shown me great support so far on my journey! I love the feedback, and always will check to see if there's anything new throughout the day!

I am also thankfull for the people who've already contacted me and want to send me some supplies to use along this journey! I am getting more excited every day about the next year!

             DAY 6
Here are today's earrings <3
Earrings are silver plated (lead free/nickel free); Silver metal balls, purple glass flowers and 28gauge silver wire.


  1. Very pretty! I'd love it if you would tell us about the materials you use in your earrings!

  2. I second alicscreations!
    Those are Beautiful!

  3. I was thinking about that...but yeah, you know I will go through what I've done and add the info under the photos :o) TY

  4. I wanna buy these too! lmao! Very pretty earrings hun! :)

  5. lol this must be a very LIGHT purple. Looked pink to me.