Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 23

Sorry that I've been MIA everyone, I just am not feeling better yet! My daughter doesn't have a fever but has a really bad cough and it's been a week for her! I'm not near a week but, am still fighting with a fever....except for right now because I took tylonol! Just long enough to be able to do a few things and get this typed up!

I've actually never realized how lucky I have been. Kira is 9 and this is the first time I've been alone with her and it including myself being extremly sick! Yesterday was my breaking point- I lost it about four seperate times and just bawled my eyes out! I've not cried yet today though! LoL (came close a few times though).

I must admit though that when I brought the dog outside today I was pretty happy to see most the snow has melted away!! I think spring is here, well at least in BC that is! lol


Today's Earrings <3
Gunmetal Black (nickel free); Silver chain; 21gauge Black artistic wire
I wonder 
     What I'll
         Do Next!?


  1. Haha! Those remind me of someone jumping rope. Fun! Feel better soon!

  2. Those are really cute :) Love them!