Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 64

It was absolutely beautiful outside today! It finally felt like spring.... Besides a little bit of the snow that fell down on us! But that was because we were high in the mountains having a fire! Then on the way back our daughter wanted to ride her bike...which she did intervals of riding and walking her bike, but she basically did that for 10 k! She wanted to- she actually asked if we can do that everyday! lol  Then when we were about to get to the spot where we said she'd be done riding- she got 'headstrong' so to speak, and was going to try to pass the truck......
She hit a bump and that was it!! Poor girl :o(  BJay threw the truck into park jumped out and went running to the back of the truck (she was behind the truck not infront!) He went back there and the bike was there.... and no kid...BJay was like- where is she!?!? Well when she fell she basically jumped up and ran into the truck to come see me- that's when she finally started to cry (cause it finally started to hurt)....So her chin has some road rash and the inside of her one arm....she got off pretty luck though!
          Battle wounds of a child!!!

  DAY 64

Today's Earrings <3
 Surgical Steel earrings; with beaded hoops (black seed beads); faceted orange bead


  1. pics of battle wounds would be nice! lol lvoe earrings!

  2. I'll be getting some of them! lol

  3. Mine. Reserve for me please! !!