Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 51

Today has been a wonderful day here! The weather was great for soccer, kids had fun and it all ran smoothly! Though off and on this afternoon it's been raining.....snowing....hailing...Very odd!

I also made a few pair of earrings ahead of time, since somedays things can get really crazy, or some days I'm unwell! They'll be stored for those so called 'rainy' days!

I am also thinking about another thing I want to do on the supporting FB Fan page for this blog. Starting next month I want to do auctions to raise money for other things. I want to do some other charities, and people. I ampart of a few groups that are raising money for other things, like a little girl who has lukemia, or another mother who's raising money for raising awareness of autism.....those kind of things. I think I'll do that every month or two. Any feedback on this is MORE than welcome from you!

            DAY 51

Today's Earrings <3

Surgical Steel earrings; Silver metal loops; grean pearly glass beads; fire Czech faceted glass beads (4mm);

Let's giveaway another pair of earrings!!!

           The earrings...........

The Winner.......
                           Donna Kozar
Congrats to you Donna! Please claim your earrings by leaving a comment! Then go to my FB Fan Page there is a contact tab to email me your mailing address!

AND another pair to giveaway.............The Earrings.....

The Winner...............
                             Britt-Britt, DeAnn

 Congrats to the winners- (use the contact tab on my fb page to email me your mailing addy- after you claim your earrings) You have 48 hrs to claim or I will redraw!

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