Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 36

 It is seriously trying to do something outside- The sun keeps peaking out of the clouds- but then goes back hiding! Booooooo!  At least it's not raining again today!

I've had a bad night and morning today- so I've not really been on the computer at all. I feel like Im missing so much :o( I haven't gotten to play BINGO for  days, and Im going through serious withdrawls! I love playing bingo on Facebook- there's real prizes! Plus my daughter loves sitting beside me and watching for the next set of numbers, she laughs so hard when I sit there and say out loud to the computer "c'mon- 26 ....26..." rofl .  I remind myself of when I was growing up, and my mother worked at a BINGO hall for a while- and all the old people would sit there and chatter among themselves and be like cmon - then someone would yell BINGO- and you'd hear all the groans in the crowd! hahaha!

I also seem to remember one time, I was really bored- and I decided to pull the fire alarm.....Not sure why I did....come to think of it I don't even remember if I got caught for it- or what. But I remember the firetruck and the firement there! hahaha! So funny to think about it now!

      DAY 36

Today's Earrings <3

Surgical Steel wire; Silver formed wire


I will also announce another winner of earrings today!

   The Earrings....

                      The winner is .
                                               Lisa J Sarmiento

  Congratulations Lisa! Please comment to claim your earrings! (Then email me your mailing address. You'll find my email on my Facebook page in the info)

  For everyone else- Don't worry, there are so many more chances to win- so make sure to keep up with the blog and post's!

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  1. I have played bingo with my grandparents before it used to be so fun and i can remember the chatter just as you do! I haven't played on FB yet but I just may have to give it a try!