Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 50

Today's a New day!  I was up all night not able to sleep- cause some one, not mentioning names ....My hubby... Decided to go 4x4'ing and didn't come home last night!! I got three hours of sleep and then got a call this morning to pick him up in town. The truck broke down! My thoughts went from thinking he might be dead somewhere in a mountain to I'm going to kill you when I pick you up! lol Really, do you think I have nothing better to do than sit here a stress out! lol

That was my night and morning..... Im already ready for a nap! The rain doesn't help either, who called for rain anyways??

      DAY 50

Today's Earrings <3
Pink seed beads; Blue glass beads; surgical steel earrings

We are going to do two giveaways in this blog!

 First Giveaway;

And the winner is......

                               Christina Busby !!!

Congrats Christina :o)


Second Giveaway;

The earrings;

And the Winner is..........

                                     Megan Carroll

Make sure ladies to claim your earrings by commenting under this post and then emailing me your mailing adress! You'll find my email on my supporting fan page Click here to go straight to FB page!


  1. Love the hoops,just may have to get these when they go on sale

  2. lol Thanks, I love the colors of them too! Most times I like bolder colors but I also love softer colors :o)

  3. yay!! Both love the earrings you made! Do I REALLY need to give u my mailing addy?!?

  4. ummmm...maybe..rofl I'll have to check my emails... This last week I did a no no in my email and deleted a ton of things I need. lol I'll let u know if I need u to send it again, but I'm pretty sure I have it ;)

  5. I am usually on my iphone and can't see the pics so wel, but I just openned these up on my real computer and very beautiful! They will look good on you Ashley! :P

  6. Nice earrings And I glad He's (Hubby) Still in one piece after that! LOL