Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 57

This week has felt to me like it went by really fast! Just so much going on and not much time to really pay attention.  I am thinking of doing a few games of bingo for a few pairs of earrings and then the rest I'll bring with me to the farmers market and try to sell them there!

Today we went up the mountain and had a fire, it was serene up there...a little bit of snow here and there but mostly melted. Hotdogs on the fire are the best!! A little bit of a bumpy ride up, but we made it in one piece! lol 
Now we all smell like campfire :o)

        DAY 57

Today's Earrings <3

Surgical steel earrings; 18k Silver crimp tubes; Green/Purple Glass flower; Silver metal ball (inside flower)

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