Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 142-144

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I went out of town Saturday for a family wedding, and came back yesterday afternoon. I was planning on doing my blog from where I was staying but I couldn't remember my account I figured I'd do it when I got home. Then I got busy cleaning and doing laundry- so now here I am!

It's 5 am, I've had a terrible sleep, I was going to shower to see if that would help- then couldn't because we had a thunder storm. It was insaine! Lightning seemed like it was right here, thunder was crazy loud and at one point it just started to pour like crazy! So I thought it passed by, but it seems like there's a little more to come around! That's one thing about living in the mountains, is when it thunders- IT THUNDERS! (My chair just vibrated from the thunder) If I had my camera I'd video tape this storm, just to show everyone how loud it is.
  I am suprised my daughter hasn't woken up from it, she sure must be tired! I sure hope it does stop in a couple of hours, Kira's first day of soccer camp is today !

                   On to the fun stuff!

Day 142
Silver earrings (nickel free); silver plated chain; glass faceted bead; metal star shape

Day 143
Silver plated earrings (nickel free); Glass bead (odd shaped, almost like a faceted triangle) very unique!

Day 144
Gold earrings (nickel free); Light blue glass bead; gold metal beads.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've not done any giveaways this month yet. That is mostly due to my sales (I've had none so far).  My monthly goal is to try to sell at least half of the earrings, or as close as I can (what I don't sell I take with me to farmers market to try there). So I've decided that for the remaining time (till the 26th), I am going to sell the earrings like this ---> Purchase 2 pairs of earrings for $18.00 and get a third pair of earrings free! (The price includes shipping). So if you want to purchase earrings under this pricing, go to the photo album and leave your paypal email under the three photo's that you want! If you see someone's paypal under the photo, then those earrings are spoken for!


  1. Wow you were up early! I did that one day and got SO much accomplished. Beautiful earrings.

  2. TY! I can't believe I am still up and it's 1am now! But I am going to bed in a few minutes here- I just got a second wind.....Sometimes I hate that!