Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 138 & 139

So I've been working the last few days on earrings....I worked ahead with the earrings about 10 days ahead... that way I can give the camera back to the owner (BTW Thanks Mom!) lol Im sure she'd like to get pictures of the grandkids while they are visiting her.  Now I have everything ready to go....I just have to go through and edit the photo's right now, then I'll add them to here.

This month I haven't had any sales yet, but hopefully I will this weekend, I'll be taking them to the market with me and hopefully sell a few of them!
Day 138 <3
Wood colored beads; 1 Purple glass bead as accent; silver earrings (nickel free)

Day 139
Red glass drop beads; silver bead cap on bottom; silver earrings (nickel free)

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