Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 129 & 130

Well I must have been tired, cause last night while putting order's together I fell asleep! lol Let's just say I'm a little sore :oP  As for an issue that has come up for me is my computer has a few programs that are frozen so to speak.....I've lost data on these programs and cannot finish my orders properly :o(  I think it's to wipe out my computer and start it out fresh....or maybe just get a new computer!

So anyone who's waiting for  orders to come via mail, I need a super HUGE favor from you all... I need an email with your name, mailing addy and what item(s) is yours. You can use the contact tab on EAD FB page, or just email me at sumthing_purdy@yahoo.ca . This will be a long few days, I can already tell!  I appreciate this very much everyone!

Day 129

Day 130


  1. What if we don't remember if we have something coming? lol

  2. well then I guess I am in trouble! rofl No I just have to go back on my fb page for checking of games..... and go way back into my emails and sort it all out! lol