Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 152

I've been slacking too much on my post's, I didn't think I would find it more difficult during the summer months.... Especially when I'm not going away on vacation anywhere....So much for that!  Tonight at midnight if you are interested in a pair of earrings from batch 5 you can comment under the photo so I know it's taken (doesn't matter what you type just as long as it's obvious that you are purchasing those pair of earrings)!

Another quick note here- Since no one made any purchases from Batch 4 online, there will be no giveaway on the bracelet/earrings set. instead I will sell it like the earrings, and just add the money to the rest being raised!  So if you are interested let me know please, I'll sell the set for a donation price (you price as you see fit) + shipping ($6.00).Here's a photo reminder of the set.

Day 152
Silver plated earrings; Orange glass teardrop beads (with a clear crescent on the bottom) very unique!

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