Monday, June 27, 2011

FINALLY!!! Let's play a game called catch up! lol

I want to thank everyone for patience, as I have not had a camera ( somehow lost it)! Now I have one I am borrowing for now :o) Yay!

So today we start selling the newest batch of earrings! Remember money goes to charity, not to me. Earrings are only $10.00 each (plus $2.35 shipping). Every set of earrings that you purchase, your name will go into a draw for a earring set from me (I will pull a winner via towards the end of the month)! At the end of this post I will be announcing a winner of Batch 3 <3

So here we go with the earrings Day (Some do not have earring post's on them yet- as I have to make my way to town this week to purchase some!

Day 113
Black earring hooks; gold metal balls; silver flower spacers and a gold sparkly acrylic bead.

Day 114
Gunmetal black earrings; red glass vintage beads

Day 115
Coral colored shells; silver metal balls; gunmetal black earring hooks

Day 116
Gunmetal black earring hooks; Black acrylic faceted beads; silver flower spacers

Day 117
Clear/whitish acrylic bead; antiqued earring hooks

Day 118
These will be put on silver earring hooks; yellow glass catseye beads; flower spacers

Day 119
Silver Glass pearls; silver bead caps;  black earring hooks

Day 120
Black earrings; glass beads wire wrapped

Day 121
These will be put on some earring hooks; silver guitars

Day 122
Unique glass beads; black earring hooks
this is a set (when you purchase earrings- your name goes on the list to win the set).


So now I will use to choose the winners of the two jewelry sets!

First for the earrings (necklace will be made with matching pendant of earrings)

Winner of this set is Kelly G! Congrats Kelly!!

Second set that we had for a giveaway;
Winner of this set is Amber K.B.

Please leave a comment here that you are claiming your winnings! I have both addresses still and orders from both of you, I will just add it into them! I will be going to the post office tomorrow to see what is going on with the strike.
Congrats ladies!


  1. Wow You had a lot of nice ones come through this batch. Days 113,115,119 and I liked the set one too! It will hard to decided. And as for the strike Good Luck!