Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 101-105

I want to thank everyone for having great patience with me, while I've been away! I am very grateful for it!

I want to start giving away earrings, but still need a few more earrings to be purchased. Please remember that the $10.00 does not go to me! It's going into the account for the end of the year long journey, and will be placed to a charity at the end of the time! So open your heart and treat yourself while helping out!

REMEMBER TO VOTE ON THE POLL FOR WHICH CHARITY YOU THINK SHOULD GET THE MONEY ----------------------------------------------------->
Day 101
Silver earrings; Red & Silver glass crystals

Day 102
Gold earrings; Silver flower spacers; gold sparkly bead in the middle <3
Day 103
Silver earrings; Silver flower spacers; Silver/Gold Glass crystal beads
Day 104
Silver earrings (lead/nickel free); Silver wire stars
Day 105
Silver earrings (lead/nickel free); Silver flower charms

Next week we'll play a few games for some free earrings- I will Post Sunday night which day/night I'll be on for games! Hope to see you there!

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