Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 96-100

Sorry for not posting the last few days everyone, as I mentioned before I am on a little vacation right now. Whoever invented the mommy vacation deserves a medal! lol  Though I am  missing my family back home, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and having a great time! Today I think I'm going to see the ocean, and collect some sea shells for my daughter- I know she will just love that!

So apparently CP is on strike! Good for them, another bunch of people who have high paying jobs are gready! So now I have to figure out how I will be sending things out to people when I get back...and it obviously has to be inexpensive!! This should be fun, any ideas?? lol

So here we go, on with the earrings from the last few days <3

Day 96 <3
Silver earrings (nickel free);Clearish crystal faceted jewelrs and silver spacers

Day 97 <3
Silver earrings (nickel free); Clear bell flower bead; swarovski multi colored bead in center.

Day 98 <3
Silver earrings (nickel free); Silver plated balls with black glass crystals

Day 99
Silver earrings; Silver metal spacers; Purple wood beads; Dark sparkly beads.

Day 100
Silver earrings; Pink round flat bead; Fuchsia rhondells; silver spacers.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend, as I am having a wonderful vacation <3 Remember you can still purchase earrings- I will find a way to ship you your earrings/jewelry!

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