Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to Day ONE of Earrings A Day!

First off I want to thank you for taking your time to come here and have a chance to have part in my blog!
With that being said, let's get on to the details of my Blog.

I was thinking for days of what I wanted to do, something different, something that other people would take interest in and this is what I have come up with.

Earrings A Day!
This is my blog, my journey that I plan on doing for one year- 365 Days! It is just like what it sounds like, Earrings a day! I will be making a pair of earrings every day for one whole year! Yes, that is a lot of earrings! Now this is great in itself, but I didn't want to make this just about making something for a year, I want it to have a purpose.

Every batch of earrings (earrings I made in one month), have a purpose! Half of the earrings are going to be given away to readers (followers), and The other half will be sold for $10.00 a pair. Great right?! Well there's more to it!

I am not taking the money for myself, I am going to be giving it to a charity! With the earrings that are being given away, you will have an option to donate some money if you'd like (don't feel obligated, it's just an option for you to have part in this giving away). I plan on keeping everyone in the loop as to what has been earned every month to two months!

How did I decide on a charity you ask?? Well I haven't, YOU will! I began with something that is personal for me, (with P.C.O.S. I have not been able to have children since having my beautiful daughter 9 years ago- today! So all choices of charities have to do with Children). The poll is on the right side, you can go and vote when you wish. At the end of the 365 days I will announce the winning charity, but remember that's up to all you!

With all my daily health issues and whatnot I need to take my mind off of things and even if it's for a few minutes a day, I am happy that I am working towards a goal....and I'm doing it with support of other's!

                       DAY ONE
So today- I made my FIRST pair of earrings!
The inspiration....the story on these earrings....These are going to be given away, but they are going to someone who I have already chosen to get the first pair.
My husband volunteers at a homeless shelter, and a few nights ago someone who regularly comes into the shelter passed away. My husband found him and did cpr, what was a long night for his family- a long night of not knowing the outcome of him being sick. He stopped breathing a few times and they got him breathing again. He was only 21 yrs old, and his life sadly ended due to pneumonia. Today my husband attended the funeral/celebration of life today, and found it very heartbreaking. He sadly has also left his 9 month old daughter behind.
This hits hard close to home, when we have children, we couldn't even imaging going through something like this! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
These earrings are going to his mother. <3
Earrings are gunmetal black (nickel free); 'Black Lace' mini pendant set

Please feel free to leave me comments, as I'd love feedback and your suppor on what you think!!!
                HERE I GO! 364 DAYS TO GO!


  1. those earrings are beautifull...i would like to order a pr pls...

  2. I saw your post on Mommy of 3 Peas and thought I would check it out... I thought it said "Earnings a Day" and I thought your blog was going to be about earning money or ways to save money... but this is way better! Very motivational!! What a touching story, and it is so thoughtful and kind of you to devote your time, energy, and proceeds. I will enjoy following your journey!! Good luck. :)

  3. That is a very beautiful Story about your Husband.
    And what and awesome idea you have!

  4. Steph this is so great what you're doing! I cant wait for the next blog. Love you lots, keep it up :) This will help you feel better for sure!! xo

  5. It is very nice of you to do that.

  6. Hey Steph I wanted to say first off that your such an amazing woman! I love love love your idea and reading your blog! Your Jewelery is beautiful! I'm so excited to take this journey with you everyday! I know living with PCOS myself and all the horrible health problems that come with it and infertility being the hardest to deal with. The fact that your dealing with this everyday yet putting other people first shows what kind of a person you are!!! Your an inspiration to me!! Keep up the good work Mama! Just know that your making a difference!! xoxoxo Monique

  7. This is unbelievable at the hear that you have. You have a heart of gold being able to make a difference in others lives. Your jewelry is unbelievable, and even though you could make a decent living off of it, you are giving it away and giving the money away! Keep up the good work. You will have your rewards one day.

  8. Thankyou everyone! I'm glad that other's are on board with this blog and my journey- it means a lot!