Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 90

Wow another batch done!! Wowsers :o)

First I am going to start with the announcement of the winner for the necklace/earrings set!

The earrings <3

                             The Necklace

THE WINNER <3 choose #2 on the list

Pam Hanik Congratulations! 

Dont worry ladies, there will be another chance to win another set in this next batch!! To get your name in the draw you have to purchase a pair of earrings- and every pair you purchase your name goes on the list!


Today's Earrings <3 Day 90
Silver plated earrings; Lilac colored Swarovski pearls

Here's the photo of everything from Batch #3, Get ready for tomorrow!! I will upload them tonight on FB!

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